Get scooting today — and start loving how you get around SF


Join Scoot today for $25 and get 3 free scooting hours and a month on the Pro Plan. No motorcycle license needed!

Once you’ve tried Scoot out, pick whichever membership you want: keep hourly rentals cheap with the Pro Plan for $19/month, or pay-as-you-ride with no commitment on the No Plan for $0/month!

Pro Plan
Join today!
No Plan
Join today!
Signup $25, incl. 1 month on Pro $25, incl. 1 month on Pro
Monthly $19 $0
Hourly $2/half-hour $4/half-hour
Day (7am-7pm) / Night (7pm-7am) rate $20/Day, $10/Night $20/Day, $10/Night
Perfect for Commuting, running errands, shopping, meetings Joyrides, exploring, short trips anywhere in SF

We’ve also got the Go Plan for $5/month plan  — get on the right plan in your Scoot account.


To become a member, you:

  • do NOT need a motorcycle license
  • need to live or work in the Bay Area
  • must be 21 or older
  • must have a US drivers license
  • cannot have more than one accident/moving violation in the last three years