Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What exactly is Scoot?

    We help you get around the city by letting you share a fleet of electric motorscooters. You can rent our scooters by the hour, keep it for a whole afternoon, overnight, or for up to 48 hours if you want. Our scoots are fun to ride, easy to park and remarkably affordable.

  • Do I have to have a smartphone to use the scoots?

    You do need a smartphone (iOS or Android) to ride a scoot. Your phone helps us keep track of the scoot and gives you lots of useful information to make your ride better, like maps, battery level, cashless payment, and instructions.

  • What about helmets?

    Our scoots come with 2 sizes of helmets stowed in the back. You can also bring your own if you want.

  • What about insurance?

    Your Scoot membership comes with basic 3rd party liability insurance. Check out our membership agreement for more details.

  • Where are the Scoots?

    We have scoots parked at over 60 locations all around San Francisco. Some scoots are parked inside city garages, others are just at the curb on specific streets, in residential garages, or at office buildings. To see the complete list of where you can pick up or drop-off a scoot, check our Locations here and to get even more detail, have a look at our app here.

  • Do I have to bring it back to where I picked it up?

    Nope! You can pick a scoot up at one location and drop it off at any other location, as long as the app says there’s room to park. When you reserve a scoot in the app you can change the drop-off location before you start riding. You can also change your drop-off while you’re out riding. If you want to return to the garage where you started, just keep your pickup and drop-off the same.

  • How do I make a reservation?

    You can use any scoot that is available. If you want to ensure there’s a scoot waiting for you at a certain time, you can reserve the scoot early. You’ll get 15 minutes of free reservation; after that normal scoot prices kick in.

  • How green is Scoot really?

    Scoots get the equivalent of 600 MPG. When you are riding one, it uses about half the power of your toaster to carry you around the city at 25 MPH. Even when you factor in the emissions from the power plants that make the electricity that goes into a scoot’s battery, the scoot still emits 2% of what a car emits when driving in the city. Nearly every part of the scoot is recyclable, including the battery.

  • What kind of clothes should I wear on the scoots?

    In addition to a helmet, it’s a good idea to wear gloves (mainly to keep your hands warm in the wind, but also to protect them if you fall). You should also wear long sleeves and pants, and durable, closed toe shoes. According to Jenni, Scoot’s Community Manager, “Boots go great with scoots.”

  • During my ride, where can I park a scoot?

    Usually you can park right in front of wherever you are going, or really close by. There is designated motorcycle parking all around San Francisco, but you can also park in lots of places that cars won’t fit, like those little bits of curb between two driveways, or between two parked cars (just be sure either you or the car pays the meter and that they can see the scoot when they are backing out of the space!). You are not allowed to park on the sidewalks, especially in busy commercial areas.

  • Are there multiple scoots at each location?

    Yes! Each of our locations in the city can have multiple scoots there at any given time. Some can hold 3 scoots, others up to 8. Heads up: since you can drop a scoot off at a different location than where you picked up from, there aren’t always the same number of scoots at each location all the time. Once you’re a member you’ll be able to see what locations have scoots available for pickup and what locations have room for drop-off, all in real-time.

  • How do I cancel my account?

    Sorry to see you go! To cancel: in the app tap Menu, then Membership, then Your Plan. At the bottom you will see ‘Cancel Plan’.