We are Scoot Networks

We create networks of scoots. Scoots are shared, electric, smartphone-activated motorscooters you can ride in the city. At Scoot Networks* we teach you how to ride the scoots, we keep the scoots running, and we find places to put more scoots to make the network bigger.

We make life in the city better

Scoots are fast, cheap, and easy to park, so they are good for you. They are also clean and efficient so they are good for the air and the climate. And they don’t take up much space on the road or at the curb which is good for everyone else.

We are passionate and dedicated

We are city slickers, gear heads, techies, tree huggers, and teachers who love our jobs, love our riders, and love the way Scoot is changing how we all get around the city.

Scoot is led by Michael Keating (Founder, Chief Executive Officer), Dan Riegel (Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer), and Mike Waltman (VP of Fleet). Our Manager of Rider Instruction is Jenni Thomas, our Communications & Engagement Manager is Sophie Lubin, our Locations Manager is Eli Saddler, and our Rider Reps are Debra Swinson and Izzy Knopper. Our fleet is maintained by Mechanics Maitland Kelly, Chris Paz, Bob Scott and Fleet Design & Development Manager John Stueve. Our software is written by Engineers Kenji Morrow and Andrew Torman, and our app was created by Interface Engineer Christian Walker. Loren Passmore engineers our hardware.

Our Field Mechanics are Andy Jenks, Will Koehler, Lester Torres, and Jimmy Whittemore.

Our members learn to ride scoots from our awesome Scoot Coaches: Jeff Abercrombie, Helga Hizer, Heidi Armstrong, Stefan Lopez, Phillip Kobernick, Drew Murphey, and many others.

We are advised and supported by brilliant investors and experts in business, technology, and the environment among them Vision Ridge Partners, Justin Dawe, Joanne Wilson, Chris Gruwell, Jerry Fiddler, Rodney Aiglstorfer, and Tom Dinwoodie.

Want to join the team?
We’re looking for a few scooter/motorcycle/moped lovers to join the team as part-time Coaches. Here are some additional details.


*Sometimes people spell our name wrong

If we could, we’d be shouting ‘WE LOVE SCOOT!’ from the top of Sutro Tower every day. (NOTE: if you’ve actually done this, let us know because that’s awesome!) Even then, our friends might still ask, “Wait, how do you spell that?” Skoot? Scooot? Sccot? Sccoott? Scoot Scoot? Scootti? Scooy? Scoote? ScootSF? S.C.O.O.T? Scootapp? Scootnetworks? Scoot net? The Scoot? Schooter? Xcoot? Scott? Scoott?

We’ve heard ‘em all. And we’re here to say, let’s keep it simple, and keep it Scoot-y — it’s just how it sounds: Scoot.