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Interactive Scoot Location Map - San Francisco

Hundreds of scoots parked all over SF. Pick up where you are, drop off where you're going.

Ride one-way anywhere

New to Scoot? Everyone's got a few questions:

What's Scoot all about?

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  • Do I need a special license?
  • Nope! Just a US driver’s license — we’ll teach you how to scoot.
  • How much gas does a Scoot use?
  • None! It’s electric and we've got charging locations all over the city.
  • How far does a scoot go?
  • About 25 miles on a full charge! SF is 7x7, so that easily gets you to even the farthest corners of San Francisco.
  • Alright, the jig is up, how much does it cost?
  • Depending on your plan, a day of scooting is $20, or just $2-4 per half-hour.
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